Black Beaded Purse - Mister Ernest

Black Beaded Purse - Mister Ernest lined in satin and made in Italy. This is a pre-1960s handbag designed by Mister Ernest Handbag Inc. measuring 7" wide and 6" tall. This purse is in mint condition save for a small pull that could be easily stitched down. This is an unusual designer handbag and really cool due to it's age and very limited availability.

  • Designer: Mister Ernest Handbag Inc.
  • Era: Pre-1960s
  • Imported from: Italy
  • Style: Mister Ernest Beaded Handbag
  • Subject: Beaded Purse,Beaded Handbag
  • Size: 7" Wide x 6" Tall
  • Genre: Beaded Purse,Beaded Handbag
Black Beaded Purse - Mister Ernest
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  • Manufacturer: Mister Ernest Handbag Inc.
  • Condition: Used
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